About Me

I cook, garden, travel, and craft. A few years ago we moved from Seattle, WA, to the coast of North Carolina. My YouTube channel is a visual journal of my experiences throughout the seasons. Some people come to Blushing Magnolias to watch the relaxing cinematography, while others will learn cooking tips and get ideas for their own kitchen and garden.


I'm a purebred mutt from an animal shelter and am very proud of it. I'm just as happy on a hike with my parents as I am snoozing in bed all day. I love to go exploring with my parents. I could care less about tv. COVID-19 has been really rough for me because I love to socialize (I especially love kids).


When I was little, I lived in a truck engine until I was lured next door and discovered the interior of a house. I'm really chill and get along with Eleanor and Margot. I'm unstoppable when I'm on the move, so be sure to stay out of my way. I prefer action movies (I watched the entire Wolverine movie, even though dad fell asleep).


I was rescued from an overcrowded animal shelter in South Carolina, then ended up in North Carolina. I like to get into trouble and will talk back to you if you tell me not to do something. I'm the typical cat meme: I prefer to drink water straight from the faucet, I LOVE to roll toilet paper (I took a break when COVID-19 started due to the shortages here in the USA), and I open cabinets (my parents had to reinstall all the child safety locks in the kitchen). I am super cute and cuddly, so I get away with a lot of shenanigans.


When I was teeny tiny, I lived behind a grocery store all by myself. My parents are convinced that I'm a tiny wild bobcat. I'm super cute and feisty but only let my mommy pet me (dad tries to trick me with a high pitched voice). I look up to my older siblings and tend to do whatever they are doing. I LOVE tv, especially Japanese and Korean YouTube vlogs.